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Kankakee County offers a wide range of single family homes – historic to new build – at affordable prices. Multifamily options also are available.

Given our community’s rapid industrial growth, it is a priority in 2019 and beyond to facilitate the development of alternative housing options, including multifamily with amenities. CLICK to view the Market Study (Fountain Square) on Multifamily Housing, a 2017 feasibility study conducted for Kankakee County substantiated the need for 837 additional one-bedroom units.

  • 2016 Homeownership Rate:  68.9% (U.S. average:  63.6%)*
  • 2016 Median Single-family Home Value:  $138,900 (U.S. average:  $184,700)*

The Kankakee County Housing Authority provides low-income housing for adults, seniors, and the disabled, Section 8 housing for those meeting HUD guidelines, and family self-sufficiency and homeownership programs.

The Economic Alliance of Kankakee County has strong relationships with the local residential real estate broker community. Connect with us today to begin your exploration of the Kankakee County housing market.

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 5-year estimate